The Cellar

Traditionalists with a capital “T”.

A family tied to the earth, united with its most precious fruit: grapes.


Fratelli Sordo, winemakers according to tradition. A story that began in the 1930s, thanks to grandfather Enrico who grows and sells grapes. Years pass and since 1950 wine is made and wine is sold. The company grew gradually in the 60s and 70s thanks to his son Giovanni who began selling bottles in Piedmont and neighboring regions. The new generation takes the name of Enrico and Franco who bring their knowledge to the company. The agronomist and the oenologist compensate each other and the processing technique is refined. In the 1980s, the company presented itself to the world at trade fairs and there was no lack of success.

Between the 90s and 2000s, new land was purchased alongside those of Castiglione Falletto and the market expanded into Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, the United States, Japan. 2000s: Giovanni, Enrico and Franco continue the work and the experience of the former blends with the liveliness of the latter for a mix that continues to maintain the values ​​of tradition, the values ​​of the family.

“Bring some great grapes to the cellar”. A phrase that contains a great truth, the essence of the work spent in the vineyard to make the bunches grow that arrive rich in quality at the appointment with the harvest. This is the secret that characterizes the Cantina Pugnane. A basic element that blends with traditional processing combined in turn with new techniques that enrich the wine that reaches the much desired quality. “Wine must have the taste of grapes”, this is the great truth of Enrico and Franco and the aging of Barolo in Slavonian oak barrels (30/50 Hl) confirms this. A winery that embodies tradition and that gives the right space to technology where the real protagonist is that wine that is already born in the vineyard and that brings with it, in all stages of processing, the precious taste, the true essence of the producer’s work .